Tuesday, June 09, 2009


NOTE: Well, let me start by apologizing first. I've been a bit slow getting some stories up. I still need to get the RCMP story up, I will soon. However, for those of you on facebook, if you want to add me "Anna Sawicki" there is a ton of great shots of the RCMP Ride on there as well as many other horse related events.


We couldn't have had better weather, other then the black flies that tried to carry us away on a few occasions, mother nature actually co-operated with us. It was a sunny, warm day for the entire ride. Well, the morning did start off chilly, but for a day that rain was predicated, we prevailed!

The ride was at Club Echo, Earlton, one of the better rides of the season. This ride has miles of sandy trails. We also broke trail through a few bush trails, this allowed some of us to actually do some jumping over some logs that laid in our way. There was also a lot of limbo dancing going on as we rode under trees/branches at our eye levels.

We had a turn out of I think 10 or 12 riders, even a new membership. The ride went smoothly. Chelsea Buns was a trooper and you'd never know she was 21. She had more spunk and energy then some of the younger horses. I swear she trotted most of the ride when she wasn't sneaking in a few runs. She was so focused on being the leader and to me, this is a huge accomplishment to see her so confident. At one point, she never liked to be the leader, she was too scared and was pretty insecure about herself.

The ride ended with cooling off our horses and letting them rest as we all sat around and had lunch and discussed our ride. The door prizes were awarded and we all packed our stuff and headed home after a great ride with some great friends.
If anyone wants to see some photos from the ride and you have facebook, feel free to add me "Anna Sawicki". If not, you can email me at: annae@internetwebdezines.com and I can send you the photos.
See you all the next ride..

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Kerry Kelly said...

are you the Anna Sawicki in Sudbury ONT on Facebook because there are several (some obviously not you)

EquineNorth said...

Hi Kerry, yep this is me! ;0

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